Collaborative fiction as a creative form has a long history. For example, the Holy Bible is collaboratively written by many over centuries and is then edited into the well-known versions that we see now. More recently, collaborative fiction projects such as the SCP Foundation tend to evoke creativity from many people and have a long-lasting life (14 years and still active). To expand further, millions of people are creating fan fiction on websites such as Archiveofourown.org and Fanfiction.net. People like to expand the story they love with their own hands.

However, despite the creative efforts people put in, almost all collaborative fiction projects are non-profit and can only live off donations. This is because the copyright of the works can not be defined and there is no fair way to distribute revenue among the creators. Having both creative freedoms as such and financial rewards have been a dream.

“Babel Universe” is a collaborative fiction project that uses DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) legal & governance structure to give creative freedom to its creators and compensates them fairly at the same time. We achieve it with a democratic governance system powered by the combination of SBTs (Soulbound Tokens) and our native token (ERC-20).

Moreover, we believe that Web3 is not only a technological movement, a financial movement but also a narrative movement. At the moment, Web3 has many myths of wealth creation but not a story that represents its spirit. “Babel Universe” aims to become one of the stories that not only artistically express the spirit of decentralization but are created entirely in a decentralized way. We believe a story can only be ever-expanding when made in this way.

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