Citizenship SBTs

In a state, a member’s governance power cannot be weighted by the number of tokens she holds but by her citizenship(highest membership). Citizenship is represented by the SBT(Soulbound Token) badge one holds.
Becoming a citizen in the Babel Universe is no different than immigrating to a new country. Using the Canadian immigration system as an example, one can immigrate by doing one of two things: Work (Skilled Immigration) or Pay (Investment Immigration).
Citizenship is not transferable. Therefore, we make our Citizenship badges soulbound(non-transferable once minted).
Tree badge: Your citizenship in the Babel Universe

Guild Membership SBTs

At the moment, a new member can enter a guild by doing a self-introduction on our Discord stating which guild she wants to join. In November 2022, early guild members designed and selected their guild icons to be made into SBTs. Only a guild member can mint the guild’s SBT. Having the SBT represents a guild member’s voting rights when an in-guild matter is to be voted on.
Early guild members created Icon SBTs for their guilds