We see our DAO as a state rather than a company. To be specific, it is a Night-watchman state in the making that performs a free economy based on the non-aggression principle among members.
The DAO’s highest order is the DAO committee - a council formed by representatives from the eight guilds. The DAO committee’s main responsibility is holding the DAO’s treasury, reviewing funding proposals from the guilds, and allocating funds.
At the moment, the eight guilds are Writing, Visual Art, Creative Coding, Design, Audio Art, Moving-Image, Finance, and Public Relations. Each guild elects its Guild committee to be in charge of all the in-guild matters. The Guild committees’ main responsibility is creating funding proposals, spending the funding wisely, and recruiting new guild members.
On one hand, we practice democracy. Major decisions that affect the entire DAO are voted on by all citizens.
On the other hand, we believe in expertise. To have people who know the business run the business, we make the Guilds as Sub-DAOs to decide matters that are in their expertise.
We aim to accomplish fairness and efficiency at the same time with this governance structure.
BabelDAO Structure