The Short Story

A universe expands from its origin. A collaborative fiction universe expands from a genesis story. The genesis story should have the following traits:

  • The story needs to be short so it is easy to reach many.

  • The story needs to set the basics of the universe so the creators can expand it with a shared vision.

  • The story needs to have a large potential for expansion so it offers creative freedom to the creators.

  • Bonus. A story made in Web3 should reflect on Web3. It should not be something that can be made anywhere else.

The origin of the Babel Universe - the short story "Babel" - has all these traits.

  • Short - It is a 15mins read.

  • It sets the basics of the Babel Universe - A near-future techno-dystopia where everyone uses a brain-computer interface implant while 10,000 people find a “universal language”.

  • Potential for expansion - There are 100 virtual planets in the story seeking “Heaven” and 10,000 people whose thoughts, emotions, memories, and flaws are interconnected. Each one of them can have a backstory and what they decide to do can change the future of their world.

  • Moreover, it is a Meta-Story. The “universal language” that connects people’s minds enables everyone’s voice to be heard. This is a metaphor for the essence of Web3 - decentralization.

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