Babel Universe is an ever-expanding collaborative fiction universe that is co-created, co-governed, and co-owned by members of BabelDAO. With the DAO governance structure and blockchain technology, we solve the inherent profitability issue shared by collaborative fiction projects.
The Babel Universe IP - established by the original short story “Babel” - is the property of BabelDAO. While every individual piece created within the Babel Universe is collectively-owned property of BabelDAO. At a deeper level, every piece created in the Babel Universe is an offspring of the original short story.
Babel Universe exists on, our native publishing platform. Both Web3 and non-Web3 users can easily create and submit their works on Upon submission, they are prompted to address the pieces that inspired them to create their piece. This will give them proper exposure as it will be presented after the pieces that inspired them.
Certified reviewers with good knowledge about our universe will review and publish submitted pieces. They are compensated with an allocated fund from BabelDAO by the number of pieces they validate.
Babel Universe’s native currency is $BABEL issued by BabelDAO. It is the primary currency to be used on and to compensate BabelDAO contributors. It represents the ownership of the BabelUniverse IP and can be earned by the citizen-level members (Tree&Author badge holders).