Ways to Grow

Just like immigrating to a new country, one needs to first have a Visa to travel there, then earn her residency, and become a citizen in the end. This level-up process is introduced as growing a Seed(Visa) to a Sapling(residency) and then to a Tree(citizenship).

Members collect a type of energy SBT called “Eco” to power the growth of their badge.

One needs 10 Ecos to grow a Seed into a Sapling, and 20 Ecos from a Sapling into a Tree. Ecos can be acquired in the two ways mentioned above: Work (complete contributive tasks designed by the DAO) or Pay. Purchasable Ecos are called “Eco+”. Their price is adjustable by the DAO.

Outside the growth system (but still under the same contract), there are the Author badge & Angel badge that can be directly assigned by the DAO committee. An Author badge is equivalent to a Tree badge. It is designed for authors who successfully expand the Babel Universe (posting their writings on Babeluniverse.com) and experienced creatives who apply with a high-quality portfolio. Angel badges are for the project’s Angel investors as tokens of appreciation.

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