An Ever-Expanding Universe

A centralized fiction project collapses all the time. This is either because the main creators run out of ideas, run into scandals, or the copyright owner (usually a big corporation) exploits the IP for short-term revenue. Most of the large IPs tend to go into a downward trend after initial success and eventually reach a sloppy ending that also marks the end of the IP’s universe.
A decentralized fictional universe, on the other hand, can be ever-expanding. Firstly, a decentralized universe is collaboratively created by many. In comparison to a single writer or a small writers’ room, collaborative fiction can be expanded by anyone who understands the story’s basic settings. Creative ideas never run out as new creators emerge. Secondly, collaborative fiction does not have a single official storyline. This is to say, if one storyline by one creator did not develop well, the readers can choose to read another one. If all the existing storylines are not satisfactory, a reader can always create her own storyline and become a creator. In this way, a decentralized fictional universe can be ever-expanding while its value does not get exploited by any single party.