After a piece is submitted, it goes into a queue waiting to be validated by the reviewers. Editors are qualified BabelDAO members who know the Babel Universe very well.
To become a reviewer, one needs to first be a Tree/Author member and pass a licensing exam (think of it as the written exam for a driver’s license).
A reviewer is compensated with $BABEL for each work she validates. The more she validates, the more $BABEL she earns.
Reviewers do not judge the artistic quality of a piece but whether it is a valid expansion of the Babel Universe. For example, if a piece contains magic, it will likely be rejected because we are a Sci-Fi universe.
All validation actions are recorded on-chain. When a work is reported as wrongly validated, the editors of the work will take a penalty on their licenses which will eventually result in their licenses being revoked.
In the current design, each work needs to be validated by 1 reviewer to be posted. Once a work is submitted for validation, all reviewers will see it on their dashboard. The first reviewer of the work will receive $BABEL rewards. First come, first serve.
It also takes 1 rejection for a piece to be rejected. The reviewer who rejects the piece is incentivized to leave valuable comments. In this way, once the rejected piece is fixed and submitted again, the reviewer who rejected it will most likely be the fastest one to approve it and get the reward because she has viewed this piece before.
Once validated, the piece will be published on and considered an official part of the Babel Universe.